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Why Nozomi restaurant? 2

Praivate Room
(4 people〜20 people)

We have a big private room.
If you have big party, please make a reservation.

presents a bright, fruity, seductive palate
and elegant maturity. Moet & Chandon
White Star Champagne has a very delicate nose with aromas of flowers, hazelnuts
and biscuits. If you are looking for an excellent aperitif wine that also works well with oysters or fish, Moet & Chandon
White Star Champagne is a can’t miss


Why Nozomi restaurant? 1

Fresh Fish comes from Tukiji, Japan

”Twice a week, fresh fish comes from Tukiji and Fukuoka, Japan
Sushi chef will put special season on sushi and become special taste.
You can enjoy Nozomi sushi !!

MOET & CHANDON         White Star Champagne

Address : 1757 W. Carson St. # L, Torrance, CA 90501

TEL: 310-320-5511